Whitegates Farm Nurseries Ltd. Latest stock list for deciduous trees: November 2022 – March 2023. All prices excluding VAT @ 20%. Other varieties available on request.

Deciduous trees stock

Variety Size (cm) Type Price (each)
Acer Pensylvanicum Erythrocladum Clear stem 1.20m 70cm crown STD £135.00
Acer Tataricum Ginnala Clear stem 1.70m 2.8m crown STD £180.00
Amelanchier Lamarkii 2m high x 2m wide M/S £265.00
Aralia Elata
(Japanese angelica tree)
4.25cm high
2.5m wide
Betula Utilis Edinburgh (Birch) PG 45L 8/10cmg RB £190.00
Betula Utilis Jacquemontii multi stem PG 45L 3-3.5mH RB £630.00
Betula Pendula PG 2-2.5m H M/S £90.00
Caroinus Betulus Fastigiate Tree (Hornbeam) 3.5m high 1.5m wide RB £315.00
Carpinus Betulus Clear stem 1.8m 1.3H x 1.5W frame RB £475.00
Catalpla Big Aurea Clear stem 2m 1.5m crown STD £295.00
Corylus Contorta (Contorted Hazel) 1.25 - 150cm Dome £300.00
Damson Shropshire Clear stem 1.6m 1.75m crown STD £110.00
Davidia Involucrata Sonoma (Pocket hankerchief tree) 225 - 250cm high FTHD £350.00
Fagus Sylvatica Dawyck Feathered (Beech) PG 45L 8/10cmg RB £240.00
Fagus Sylvatica Dawyck Gold Feathered PG 45L 8/10cmg RB £240.00
Fagus Sylvatica Dawyck Purple Feathered PG 45L 6/8cmg RB £230.00
Fagus Sylvatica Clear stem 2.1m 1.3H x 1.5W frame Pleached £520.00
Ginkgo Biloba (Maiden hair tree) 325cm high M/S £305.00
Ginkgo Biloba Clear stem 1.8m Crown 3m STD £395.00
Gleditsia Sunburst Clear stem 1.8m 1.25 x 1.25 frame Pleached £247.00
Heptacodium Miconoides (Seven-sons tree) 275cm High M/S £425.00
Laburnum Vossi PG 45L Clear stem 1.4m Crown 1.3mH STD £190.00
Malus Adirondack PG 80L 2-2.5mH M/S £365.00
Malus Toringo Freja 1.9m Clear stem 2m Crown STD £180.00
Morus Platanifolia Clear stem 2.5m Frame 1m x 1m Roof top £175.00
Prunus Serrula Multi Stem PG 45L 2.5-3mH RB £585.00
Prunus Serrula Twisted Stems Hand Crafted PG 45L RB £315.00
Prunus Fragrant Cloud (Cherry Blossom Tree) PG 45L Clear stem 1.6m Crown 1.7mH STD £180.00
Prunus Pandora (Cherry Blossom Tree) PG 75L Clear stem 1.5m Crown 1.8mH STD £180.00
Pyrus Salicifolia Pendula (Weeping ornamental pear) 2m high FTHD £150.00
Sorbus Aria Lutescens (Whitebeam) PG 45L Clear stem 1.7m Crown 1.6mH STD £190.00
Sorbus Aucuparia (Mountain Ash / Rowan) PG 35L Clear stem 1.2m Crown 1.8mH STD £135.00
Tamarix Tetrandra PG 45L 10/12cmg STD £200.00

Other Varieties and sizes available on request. Prices include VAT at 20%. Subject to change, depending on availability. Trade enquiries welcome. Please contact us for our best prices on larger orders.

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